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Handmade Tennis Net with Vinyl Headband

●Top quality handmade braided twine double mesh tennis net
●The top 6 rows are double mesh and completely stitched together allowing for increased durability of the net where tennis ball hit the most
●Offical 42' wide
●Double reinforced vinyl coated headband won’t shrink, mildew or rot when expose to outdoor or indoor elements
●Include net strap
●Pack in carton

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Product Details

Product Specification

Product Code


Net Mesh

1-3/4” or 1-5/8”

Twine Grade

3.0mm or 3.5mm

Fiberglass Dowel

1/2” in diameter, 0.47kg in weight


high quality toothed rust-proof brass grommet, outer diameter is 24mm

Net Strap

2” in width;

include 1 nickel plated double ended snap hook


high quality 47' vinyl coated steel cable;

1.26kg in weight;

steel diameter is 4.2mm


500D white vinyl coated headband;

quad stitching;

2-1/2” wide;

0.5mm thickness

Side and Bottom Tapes

weather-resistant 500D black vinyl tape with two rows of stitching;

2-1/2” wide with 0.5mm thickness


carton size is 42-3/8” wide X 7-7/8” high X  7-7/8” deep

Custom Service

silkscreen printing trademark;

accept custom product order

Product Presentation

Net body

net body(002).jpg

Vinyl binding and grommets

headband and grommet(002).jpg


sideband and bottom band(002).jpg

sideband and bottom band

Fiberglass dowel




Net Strap

net strap 1(002).jpg

net strap

net strap 2(002)_看图王.jpg

double ended snap hook

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