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Volleyball Field Facilities
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Site requirements

The volleyball venue is a 18 meter 9 meter rectangle. There are at least 3 meters in the surrounding area. There are no obstacles at least 7 meters above the venue. International platoon

In the world class and the formal competition, the barrier free zone is at least 5 meters outside the border line, and at least 8 meters from the end line. The barrier free space is at least 12.5 meters above the ground.

The court divides the course into two equal areas.

All line width is 5 centimeters.

Ball net

There is a net on the empty shelf in the site. The net is 1 meters wide and 9.50 meters long, hanging on two columns outside the field.

Women's net is 2.24 meters high and men's net is 2.43 meters high.

The two ends of the net are perpendicular to the boundary line and the middle line, each with a 5 cm wide marking strip, and each side of the net is connected with a sign bar with a length of 1.80 meters.