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The Status And Development Trend Of Sports Industry In China
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1.    Sports Industry status in China


Based on the research data, the overall scale of the sport industry in China increases constantly from 2010-2015. In 2010, the overall scale is 6,562 million RMB, while in 2015, it reached 17,107 million RMB. 


In terms of industrial structure in 2015, the dominant sports area in China is sporting goods manufacturing business, which is account to 65.7%. The service area is the second and reaches 33.4%. Venue construction area only reaches 0.9%. This structure has a great difference when comparing to development countries. For instance, manufacturing in United State sports industry only accounts to 28% and the percentage of service is nearly double the manufacturing which reaches 57%. 


Comparing to significant increase of overall scale in recent years, the percentage of people who engage in sports exercise shows a steady escalation trend. In 2007, 28.2% of Chinese take part in sports exercise. In 2010, this figure slowly increases to 30.1%. From 2010 to 2014, the percentage increases 3.8% and reaches 33.9%. In developed countries, this figure is much higher than Chinese. Specifically, 80% of American play sport games regularly, 55% of Swiss take part in exercise frequently, the percentage in France is a little bit lower than Switzerland that reaches 53.12%. Japan and Britain indicate a similar percentage, which is 50% and 49% accordingly. 


2.    The Development Trend


The sports industry will keep an increase trend in following years with the development of Chinese society and economy. With the rise of disposable income, more Chinese will engage in sporting games and the relevant demands will become diversity. It is estimated that the service area in sports industry will grow up to 50% in 2025 and its total value will amount to nearly 2 trillion RMB. Therefore, the sports market in China has huge development potential.