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The Characteristics And Functions Of The Stadium Guardrail Net
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1. The stadium guardrail net and protective net adopt streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, simple and fashionable European elegant style, which can meet the needs of different fields, different environments and different aesthetic people.

2, the battle axe type connection: the unique hook connection mode, the battle axe groove design, so that the protection net without any accessories can be connected with the column of any height embedded in the groove, to ensure its firmness, more tensile and anti-collision ability, and the perfect display of its anti-theft function.

3, ten years warranty: full pre processing and unique high temperature electrostatic PVC spraying process to ensure that the plastic layer is evenly distributed, the surface feel is more smooth; through the 2000 hour salt spray test, solemnly promise to guarantee the product for 10 years of corrosion resistance. Under normal conditions, it has self cleaning ability, UV protection, no cracking and aging, no rust oxidation, no maintenance!

4, because the stadium guardrail network can be combined in various ways: and according to the requirements of different sites of the customer, there are various arc type, different angle and different level height step installation, providing the most ideal solution. It can be used in conjunction with the beautiful, unique design of the trackless automatic translation door to form a harmonious and perfect whole.