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Main Characteristics Of Volleyball
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Mass character

Volleyball court equipment is simple, easy to grasp the rules of the game. It can not only play and train on the court, but also can be used in the general empty space. The amount of exercise can be small. It is suitable for people of different ages, different sexes, different physiques and different training levels. [6]


The rule stipulates that every player should take the place rotation, not only to the front row spiking and block, but also to the back line defense and reception. Every player is required to master all kinds of skills and compete in all positions.


The rules stipulate that the ball should not be landed in the game, nor should the ball be played. The short time of batting and the changing of batting space determine the height and skill of volleyball.


In volleyball match, the attack and defense transformation of both sides is always carried out in fierce confrontation. In high level competitions, the focus of confrontation is on the Internet. In a match, one point often takes a lot of rounds. The higher the level of competition, the more intense the confrontation.


Volleyball is a project with many techniques that can be scored and can be lost. This situation is more prominent in the game of the final game, so each technique has the dual nature of attack and defense. Therefore, it requires both offensive and accurate techniques.


Volleyball match is a group competition. Besides serving, it is carried out in collective coordination. Without strict teamwork, good personal skills are hard to play and can not play the role of tactics. The higher the level of the team, the more strict collective cooperation.