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How To Choose Tennis Nets For Different Courts
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Although there are different requirements for tennis net in terms of family-owned tennis court, school tennis court, club court and official tournament tennis court, two factors will always be the same, which is quality and price. W.E. Sporting Goods Limited supplies a wide range of tennis nets that will fulfil various demands.

• Single tennis net
Our single tennis net is an ideal choice in terms of personal tennis court and school court. Besides low-cost price and lightweight, the single tennis net is suitable for repeat use with its 3mm or 3.5mm twine grade. Double layer vinyl headband makes net a good appearance and more durability.


• Double mesh tennis net
Double mesh on the top 6 rows enable net can withstand the heavy and repetitive use. This feature makes double mesh tennis net become more suitable for tennis centre and tennis club. 3mm twine grade is UV and weather- resistant. High quality headband, bottom band and dowel pockets won’t riot when expose to outdoor environment.

2.jpg 3.jpg 


• Handmade double mesh tennis net
Besides high durability, handmade tennis net has the best appearance for professional tennis court. With different twine grades and meshes could choose, guests can customise the tennis net based on their own demands.