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How To Choose A High Quality Volleyball Net
- Aug 02, 2018 -

·         Standard Size

Our volleyball net is for professional play with official size, which is 32’ X 40’’.


·         Durable Net

We use rip-resistant 3mm polyethylene knotted netting and 0.5mm thickness vinyl tarpaulin headband and bottom band for shape retention. The material of side pockets is also high quality 0.5mm vinyl, side pockets help to maintain the net shape with two white dowels.

Four net corners and two side pockets equip white nickel grass grommets. Grommet is stainless.

For extra stability, the net has two 38’ vinyl-coated steel cable along the headband and bottom band. 

Our net also equips antenna set, which includes antenna pocket and fiberglass pole. Strings on top and bottom of pockets ensure antenna set can securely attach to volleyball net. The fiberglass poles are white and red stripped for high visibility.