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What is the standard size of the badminton net
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Badminton is one of the most popular sports at present. I believe many people who love to play badminton know the height of the badminton net.

The following is a standard size of badminton nets shared by Xiaobian, I hope to be useful to you.

Badminton net height standard size

First of all, we know that the badminton court is a rectangular one. The general length is 13.40 meters. The width depends on whether it is doubles or singles. The doubles width is 6.10 meters and the singles width is 5.18 meters. The lines drawn on the badminton court are also standard. The width is generally four centimeters. These lengths are measured from the outer edge of the line when measuring. The color used in the boundary of the badminton court is preferably white or Yellow, so it is good to distinguish.

There is also a standard for the space above the badminton court. In the international competition, the space above the badminton court should be at least nine meters, and this height cannot have beams or obstacles. There should be no obstacles at least two meters around the court in time. If there is two badminton courts in a large space, the distance between the two venues must be at least two meters.

The walls around the entire stadium are best dark, and must be closed and not windy, or they will affect the game.


What is the size standard of the badminton net in the badminton court? The badminton net has a width of 760 mm and a length of 616 cm. The net is square mesh, each side is about 15-20 mm long. At the top of the net there is a seventy-five millimeter white cloth folded in half so that it can be fixed on the post by wire or rope.

The size of the regular badminton courts is fixed, and the nets and badminton nets are also standard. The badminton nets are generally 1.55 meters high, which is mainly used to fix the net. If no net posts are installed, There are other labels placed on the post.

The benefits of playing badminton on the body

1. Shujinhuoxue.

Badminton is a strong physical exercise like basketball, tennis and table tennis. The technology accounts for 40% and the physical strength accounts for 60%. Even if it is cold and cold, a ball will hit the whole body and sweat, and the spring and autumn will be even worse. It plays a role in adjusting and balancing the body, promotes metabolism, and is very beneficial for preventing cardiovascular diseases and strengthening the body.

2. Detoxification and beauty.

There are fewer comrades who have been playing badminton for a long time, and they are easy to walk and people become younger. Sweating every day to expel the body's toxins, so that your urine and urine are unobstructed, and you are sweaty and excreted, which is very good for preventing gout.


3. Improve skills.

Organize competitions through golfers, stimulate skill training, learn from each other and improve together.

4. Happy entertainment.

Health experts say: laughing three times a day, it is very beneficial to people's spiritual well-being and promoting the internal organs. It can eliminate turbidity and evil spirits. As long as the badminton is made, a ball is played down and you have to laugh more than ten times to keep your mood happy.

5. Treatment of cervical vertebrae (shoulder circumference) disease.

To participate in badminton, you must coordinate with your shoulders and shoulder the ball. Your head should be lifted and shoulders moved. If you insist on playing for more than one hour every day, it is difficult to form bone hyperplasia. Therefore, cervical and shoulder disease are difficult to produce.

6. Lose weight.

Before playing, the general's stomach was straight and the diet was not good. After playing the ball, the fat man was thin, his stomach was small, and the body felt strong, strong, not a virtual constitution.

7. Brain and wisdom.

Badminton players must play their brains, not to hit the ball, to play the ball first, to study the other side's weaknesses, deadly places, suitable for people, people-oriented, adhere to me as the center, take the initiative as the driving force, take the fast as the magic weapon, Win the ball and increase your confidence.

8. Physically sensitive.

The people who play are all energetic, savvy, flexible, four limbs, playing badminton, body and bones are used, combined with slings, square ball, left and right hooks, varied, so that the body is flexible .


9. Exercise your eyesight.

Playing badminton, your eyes should follow the ball, where the ball is, where the eyes are, look at it for a while, look at the distance for a while, look high for a while, not only the body is moving, but also the eye is turning, making the eye move in nature. , gradually improve vision.

10. Enhance friendship.

Through playing and not knowing each other, I know each other and understand each other's character. I really live with friends and friendship.

Note on playing badminton in autumn and winter

1. The preheating stretch of each part should be large enough. Some people are still injured after being active for some time because the amplitude is too small.

2. Preheating of the neck must be in place. Because most of the amateur team members are engaged in too little cervical vertebra activity, the neck preheating is not easy to be seriously injured.

3. Be careful to avoid doing super-range action to prevent injury.

4. Players with old injuries should fully massage the old wounds before each exercise until they are hot.

5. Players with poor physical condition should not exercise until they are very tired. At this time, the muscle tissue of each part is also fatigued, and the ligaments and joints are not well protected, and it is easy to be injured.

6. The amount and time of preparation activities should be well controlled. It must not be moved or too strong. It should be best to feel hot and slightly sweaty, avoiding the injury caused by stiff muscle ligaments and no activity.


7. It is best to put on your underwear immediately during the interval to prevent cold air from infiltrating the joints and get arthritis. It can also prevent colds. If the body is already cool after the end of a game, you should move to the joints before the next game.

8. After the end of the game, if sweating, you should dry the sweat in time, change the sweaty sportswear, shoes and socks, and wear a cap to prevent heat loss and it is best to take a rest after ten minutes in the arena.

9. Be careful not to stay in a windy place to avoid catching a cold.

10. Dry and cold in winter, badminton flakes are more likely to break. In order to improve the ball's resistance, steam can be poured into the ball cylinder several hours in advance, so that the smoked ball is obviously more durable. However, be careful not to infuse too much steam, steam the steam at one end, and vent it at the other end, then cover the lid. How much steamed?

11. If you have a sprain when playing, it is best to take cold water to wash the wound immediately, or use cold ice to apply the wound to reduce internal bleeding.

12. If you feel pain or discomfort in your wrist, elbow, shoulders, ankles, etc., it is best to stop exercising. Continued exercise will make the injury more serious.

13. After the game, the diet is neglected. After intense exercise, try to avoid eating cold foods and beverages. You can drink some warm soy milk and yogurt to supplement the vitamins needed by the human body. After the body returns to normal, you can eat some bananas to supplement the potassium and other substances needed for the body after playing badminton.

14. Playing badminton in autumn and winter is best chosen from 3 to 4 in the afternoon. It is generally best at 3:4 in the afternoon because the air is full of oxygen and the temperature is right.


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