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The Size of FIBA Standard Basketball Court
- Oct 05, 2018 -

The FIBA standard is quite different from the NBA basketball court standard. Competitions like Olympics basketball game and basketball world championship all follow the standard of FIBA’s. 


The court size is 28m long X 15m wide, and the width of boundary line is 5cm. The radius of centre circle is 1.8m.  Three-point line is a semi-circle and its radius is 6.75m. The space between semi-circle and boundary line is not less than 0.9m. Free throw line is 3.6m long and 5.8m away from boundary line. 3-second lane is a 4.9m X 5.8m rectangle. 


The roof of basketball stadium should higher than 7m, and the distance between playing field and audience seat should exceed 2m.