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The Impact of Domestic Sports Industry Development
- Dec 08, 2018 -

The scale of sports industry is largely related to resident’s disposable income and relax time. With the development of Chinese economy, residents have greater demand for health and leisure. Based on this circumstance, sports industry in China experiences a rapid growth period. In 2012, the scale of sports industry is 950 billion Yuan, while in 2017, the scale will reach 2 trillion Yuan. 


At present, domestic sports industry is still an emerging industry. Although it is only account for a little percentage among national economy, the percentage increases continually year by year. 


Among sub-sectors in sports industry, the manufacturing industry and sales industry account for the largest proportion, the total values have reach 1 trillion Yuan and 400 billion Yuan accordingly. In addition, the venue construction, manufacturing and service are three industries can not only help the development of sports industry, but also a strong pull factor for other industrial developments. The promoting effect can reach 341.6%, 317.7% and 255.1% respectively. 


Generally speaking, the development of sports industry can not only fulfil the resident’s consumption demands, but also promoting other industrial developments.