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The Category of Tennis Court
- Dec 20, 2018 -

There are three main tennis courts, which are hard court, clay court and grass court. Specifically, hard court is the most common and popular court currently. The floor of hard court is made from concrete and pitch, and then coated by coloured plastic layer. Nowadays, the main colour of hard court is blue. Hard court is featured with smooth and solid floor so that the ball will bounce regularly and fast. 



Clay court is a soft court that is permeable. French Open is the best-known clay court tournament. Clay court floor has large friction force so that the speed of ball is slower than the one in hard court and grass court.



Grass court has the longest history. The main characteristic is that the court has small friction force with force so that the tennis ball rebounds quickly during competition. As grass court has high maintenance fee and requirements, it is hard to spread around the world. Wimbledon Championships is one of the famous grass court tournaments.