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Tennis racket racket composition
- Feb 14, 2019 -


The face MID is 95 square inches, the MP is 96-100, and the upper is the OS face. That is, Mid, Mid-plus, Over-size.

Generally speaking, novice and weak women recommend using OS to shoot, the hitting area is large, the dessert is large, and it is easy to receive the ball, and because the face is large, the force is dispersed after the ball touches the net, and the unloading force is released. The effect is obvious, and it is convenient to use force. Because the MID face is small because of the small dessert, the technical and strength requirements are high when hitting the ball, but the force is more concentrated when hitting the ball, which is convenient for the strong players to make a violent blow! So most of the MID face beats are weight type. Racket, specially designed for violent players. And MP racket, can be said to be the most mainstream racket today, from the high to the new can be used, can be selected according to their own characteristics.

Shoot length

Length: The standard length is 27 inches (inches) / 69 cm (cm)

Adults are not short, only long, just to lengthen the arm, but the increased demand for strength can bring more power to the ball and the ball. For this question, please refer to the basic mechanics knowledge of secondary schools. Zhang Depei was the first person to try a long shot, so he raised the speed of the serve to 120 mph. The most famous of the long shots is the POG extension, namely the Zhang Depei generation, and the PD+ endorsed by Roddick. However, the novice does not recommend using PD+. It is easy to get the tennis elbow in the uncoordinated movement, but Zhang Yi can recommend it and is very friendly to the arm. The strength sinks and the effort is done.

Weight after going online

How powerful is it, with multiple tempos, you can see if you can play with the wave. In addition to O3, the weight of other beats can be used as a weight parameter.

A reminder to a man who wants to play a violent ball: the master has a strong ability to coordinate and exert a violent ball with a pat, but the average person is not strong enough to play a violent ball, or the momentum theorem is better, that is: the racket hits the ball Oh, the opponent is then more laborious. This is why Roddick’s unpainted person has to add a large amount of lead to the tempo.


Head lightly before the net effort, the bottom line is laborious, the first heavy hit before the net is not good, but the bottom line is labor-saving. However, if you want to exert your own strength and strengthen your control, the lightness of your head is the best choice. A technical player or a woman who doesn't want to play her arms very thick, it is good to remake with the head. If you want to learn from the professional players, it’s light, and with control and your own strength, it’s the way to improve your skills!


The harder the beat, the more elastic the ball is, the same for the arm, so the soft beat is friendly to the arm. But use it well, the power of hard tempo after borrowing force is also very scary. Think about the 250+KMH service that the US cannon uses with PD+. Soft beats because of the large deformation of the tempo, the absorption power is large, so you need more power, the power is too small, people who like to borrow power is best to choose a tempo of 65 or more. On the contrary, the powerful people can use their soft beats to exert their control and strength.

Frame thickness

Beam Width: 22-25 mm

The factors that directly affect the racquet strength index, the thicker the frame, the smaller the deformation of the line bed, the stronger the racquet strength and the better the shock absorption. The frame is thin, the control of the racket is better, and the thinner the beat is more flexible. The thickness of the frame and the size of the face are also related. The OS face is rarely less than 20mm. In short, the narrow-side tempo is a violent shot, L6, Tour90, all belong to this category. The wide side of the PD, such as PD, has a good effect.