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Production process of windproof net
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Shear plate bending: shear plate and bending is an important part of production. Advanced processing equipment determines the quality of the product. Punching hole: it is the second link of the production of windproof net. The professional production workers are forming the high quality punching products for you: third links of the windproof net: the forming equipment of the wind proof products, the continuous forming equipment of Shuangfeng and the triple peak, the length of the windproof net can be 10 meters or even longer. Cleaning: the fourth links in the production of wind and dust suppression network, it is for the back of the electrostatic spray to prepare, cleaning the clean effect of the direct impact on the quality of the surface spray. Electrostatic spraying: the fifth link of the windproof and dust suppression net is powder spraying on the surface so that the product can withstand corrosion in all kinds of harsh environments.