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Lacrosse Goal, Rebounder and Target Help To Improve Your Skills
- Jul 28, 2018 -

The following presented gear give you a clue to enhance your lacrosse passing, catching, scoring skills and play like a pro.


1.      Lacrosse Goal

We provide various sizes goals to not only fulfil the demand of serous games, but also for casual and garden plays. Our goals are all featured with collapsible, reasonable price and high quality.   Besides official competition level goal, we supply practice goal. With its standard size and lightweight, this goal could be set up quickly and placed in your garden for skill training. Moreover, our 3’ X 3’ x 4’ and 3’ X 3’ X 3’ goals are ideal training tools for kids.



2.      Lacrosse Rebounder Goal

The rebounder helps to improve players stick handling skills to make them become more powerful and accurate.


3.      Lacrosse Goal Target

Target is a perfect way to improve your scoring accuracy and skill with challenging scoring holes. Although it is tough, the target is full of fun to make players enjoy training.


4.      Lacrosse Backstop Net

As a protection screen, backstop net can protect players, coaches, hitting, pitching drills. With convenience installation, the net can be placed in garden to prevent ball to break windows or other vulnerable stuff.