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Indoor Tennis Court Divider Net
- Oct 20, 2018 -

If tennis center is made by many tennis courts, divider net is a perfect sport good to fulfil protection and isolation purposes. In terms of protection, divider net can prevent tennis ball flies to nearby courts and hits other players. The net can also ensure the safety of equipment on courts. In terms of isolation, each open-air tennis court is surrounded by divider net, it can make sure the performance of players. Meanwhile, players won’t distracted by other players in nearby court. 


Indoor tennis court divider net is mainly made by polypropylene. The main characteristics are lightweight and eco-friendly. The net attachment doesn’t need solid construction, guest could use wire, cable or turnbuckle for installation. The net doesn’t have rebound effect and the mesh is much smaller than the diameter of tennis ball. 


W.E. Sporting Goods Limited manufactures indoor tennis court divider net with customization available


indoor tennis court divider net