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How To Install Tennis Post
- Aug 10, 2018 -
  •  For official competition game, net post should set 42’ apart. The measurement needs to be made from the center of one post to the center of the other.

  • Net post could be installed permanently or temporally. Installing with sleeves make post removable and enable the court for multiple uses. Additionally, sleeves can help post resurfacing and maintenance easily. Moreover, sleeves make court daily operation more convenience as you don’t need to dig up the post footing for replacement in terms of damaged post. The diameter of sleeves should fit posts and same as posts shape. Sleeves need to be placed at the center of the foundation. We also recommend extending the foundation bottom in the opposite post direction slightly for extra tension resistance. 

  • Post footing should have a concrete foundation. The foundation should not less than 42” deep and 6” deeper than the local frost depth. The appropriate depth of foundation is based on soil conditions and the frequency of freeze-thaw activity at the site. In general, the court ground for concrete foundation should be firm and unyielding.

round tennis post.jpg

round tennis posts with sleeves