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How To Choose Tennis Court Windscreen
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Windscreens can not only provide functional support for tennis players, but also an additional aesthetic to tennis court. In terms of function, windscreens can limit the sunlight to the court which help players perform better. They also manage to break up strong winds and allow air flow. For aesthetic purpose, windscreens can enclose the court away from outside distracting environment or adjacent courts. Their consistent colour and background can increase professional appearance and playing pleasure. 


As all of windscreens are able to break up strong wind, guests are recommended to make the purchasing decision based on cost, aesthetic and quality. We mainly offer vinyl coated windscreen, commercial knit and privacy screen. Guests could also send their requests if they need other materials windscreens or other custom demands. 


vinyl coated windscreen


commercial knit


privacy screen