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How To Choose A Quality Tennis Net
- Aug 29, 2018 -

·     The tennis net headband

No matter the headband material is vinyl or polyester, a high-quality headband can ensure longevity. A poor grade headband can easily crack and fall apart. Thus, we recommend double layer headband for long-time use. 


double layer vinyl headband

·     Net body

The top of the net is the most hit place of the whole net body. A double layer for top 6 rows can add extra durability of the whole net as double layer means double protection where the net used most. 


double layer for top 6 rows

·     Stitching row

The thread used to stitch net body and headband is also a key element for durable tennis net. Stitching row is not only the link between net body and headband, but also an area which hit frequently. To avoid thread come apart and make net body fall out of the headband, there should be more than 4 rows of polyester stitching which featured with UV inhibitors for weather resistant. 

·     Remember to use fiberglass dowel rather than wooden dowel to ensure longevity

·     The sideband and bottom band should have enough thickness (no less than 0.5mm) with UV inhibitor thread stitching.