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Hockey team
- Jan 11, 2019 -

6.1 The competition is between the two teams. Each team can have up to 16 players, but no more than 11 players can play in the same time. 16 players can be replaced.

6.2 replacement team members

a. The player can be replaced at any time except for the short corner kick. When a short corner kick is awarded, only the defending party is allowed to replace the goalkeeper who is injured or given a yellow card or a red card;

b. There is no limit to the number of players to be replaced at the same time. There is no limit to the number of times any team member can be replaced or replaced.

c. After a member of the same team leaves the venue, another member can enter the venue;

d. In addition to replacing the goalkeeper, the time is not stopped when the player is replaced;

e. Players who are sent off are not allowed to be replaced by others during the penalty period;

f. Players who are sent off will be replaced by others after the penalty is over, without first returning to the venue;

g. When replacing a team member, the venue should be accessed at the side of the venue near the center line or within the area specified by the referee before the game.

6.3 Each team must have a goalkeeper to play

a. A goalkeeper who is injured and cannot continue to play or is sent off is immediately replaced by another goalkeeper;

b. When there is no substitute goalkeeper, the player who replaces the goalkeeper must wear a helmet, wear a shirt that is different in color from the players on both sides, and allow him to wear other protective gears in time;

c. During the penalty period, the team must have one less player on the field.

6.4 During the competition, except for the referees and athletes, other personnel may not enter the competition venue without the permission of the referee.

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