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A Brief Introduction of Lacrosse
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Lacrosse is originated in North America and is a traditional game of the local Indians. It is mainly used for the exercise of warriors and for sacrifices. Lacrosse is claimed to be the fastest ball sport in the world. It Is a game that uses the net on goal stick to control the ball. As a team competition sport, the team players of lacrosse are fast attacking and defending. Due to the principle of leverage, the speed of ball is very fast. 


Player need to coordinate their hands and feet during the game. Basic skills and teamwork are required. Specifically, men’s lacrosse game includes more intense physical confrontation like American football game. This kind of sport with energy, speed and skills is very attractive as ang other popular sports. 


In the middle and late 20thcentury, lacrosse developed rapidly in United States and Canada. Other countries like Australia and United Kingdom also developed lacrosse year by year. Japan is the first country in Asia launch lacrosse and one of the major promotion countries in Asia. In 1997, Beijing Sports University organised lacrosse team in mainland China first.  After that, many universities also introduce lacrosse, such as Shanghai University, Yanshan University and the Capital Institution of Technology. 


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