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Indoor Tennis Court Divider Net

Indoor Tennis Court Divider Net

• Polyethylene knotless tennis court divider net
• 4mm twine grade X 1-3/4” mesh net body
• Customized size and fabrication method are available
• Green color only

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Product Details

Product Presentation

Small Sample

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.05.54 pm

Net Details

2018-05-08 165102 copy_meitu_2

vinyl binding and overlocking edge


net body


1.   Eco-friendly polyethylene material

2.      Lightweight, could be attached by cable, wire or turnbuckle

3.     Does not have rebound effect  

Further Information

We also sell other divider net accessories include stainless-steel ring buckle, aluminum alloy mountaineering buckle and lead rope. Specifically, lead rope is used to place inside the net bottom band that can help the net down towards the floors to add the function of the divider net. 


ring buckle

mountaineering buckle_meitu_3

mountaineering buckle

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